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Written by Lanka Nest   
Sunday, 09 March 2008

Image This is  a dagaba which was half built but was  completed recently. There is an interesting story behind this Dagaba. According to Mahawamsa, Kig Dutugemunu was  such a pious king that he never took any food without a part of it being offered to the Sangha  first.  One day  he had taken a  curry of chillies without a part of it being offered to the Snagha first.  So he punished himself for this mistake by building a dagaba.

This dagaba has a diameter of  168 ft at the base. You can see  many ruins of old buildings  in the premises.  The ‘Vahalkada’  found here is the one which is  best preserved  out of all the Vahalkadas of the Anuradhapura period. You can also see some of the  paintings on this Vahalkada. There is  also   a  large Rice boat which would have  been used in the  ‘Dana Salawa ’ of the Buddhist monks of that time.



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