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Written by Harsha Gomes   
Thursday, 14 February 2008

ImageYou find Maadu Ganga after passing Ahungalle when you travel southward from Colombo. The river flows through a thick jungle of mangroves. Maadu Ganga is really a fascinating place . But the real beauty of Maadu Ganga can be enjoyed only if you sail  downstream  for about a kilo meter. The river spreads out to a very wide area creating about  25 to 30  tiny islands . ( Local name for an island  is ‘Duwa”) . The largest of these are  Satha Pahe Duwa, Dimi Duwa, Galman Duwa and Katu Duwa . Sathe Pahe Duwa is the island which had been purchased by a person for five cents, a long time ago  .  Dimi Duwa has a thick growth of  mangroves and ‘gin pol’.  Galmanduwa is well known because of the bridge  which connects this island to the mainland.  Katu Duwa is  known for the thick growth of  wetakeiya, mangroves and beli patta.   Maa Duwa, from which perhaps the river has got it’s name is the largest of these islands. About 300 families reside here.  Kok Duwa is known for the Buddhist Temple there which caters for the  religious needs of these islanders. Dik Duewa has got it’s name because it is oblong and is the longest of the islands.  The  people who live in these islands are  mostly traditional fishermen. To some extend they are engaged in some traditional cottage industries as well.
The mangroves around these islands can survive both high tide and low tide.  It is a well balanced eco system.  Among the plants you find here are  Gin Pol, Kirala, Beli Patta and  Wal Kurunda

Maadu Ganga is really a paradise for the eco tourist.

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 30 April 2008 )
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